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If you have not done so previously - downloading the latest update of TRACCS from the web is very easy.

PLEASE NOTE - You should be a system administrator or equivalent - to do an update on your computer system. BEFORE YOU START - ESTABLISH A FALLBACK PLAN

BACKUP YOUR EXISTING TRACCS FILES - To protect against loss of data or unanticipated changes - you should make sure you do a full backup of your existing program files and database before doing the update.

To ensure you have a fallback plan in case anything goes wrong during the update process - you can guarantee the ability to get back to your pre-update status by doing the following

  1. Backup the TRACCS program files for the current version. This can be achieved fairly simply by copying the existing TRACCS application files to an alternative folder available for restore if necessary. There are 11 files needed to be backed up. They reside in the folder that the TRACCS icon on users desktops points to to access TRACCS. You can confirm these details by using the mouse to right click on the TRACCS icon. The following screen will appear. The actual location is the words preceeeding the word traccs.exe in the target field. (ie in this case c:\program files\traccs )

    TRACCS Properties

    ln this folder there are 11 files that need to be copied/backed up prior to commencing an update. They are

    3. STAFF.EXE

    These constitute all the files for the current version of TRACCS you are currently running and will be overwritten by newer files in the update process

  2. Once you have completed making a copy of these files - you should also make a backup of the TRACCS database file. The process for doing this varies from site to site and is usually governed by internal backup policy. You should ensure that a backup has been completed immediately prior to doing the TRACCS update - and that you have tested your ability to gain access to and restore the TRACCS database. This can be done simply by running a backup and then doing a restore. Running through this process will alert you to any issues or problems with your current backup and restore procedures. This should be done by your system administrator or equivalent.
  3. Having completed this process - if there are any issues during the update - you simply need to copy the application files back the original TRACCS application folder, then restore the backup of the TRACCS database. This will take you back to a complete working system as it was immediately prior to commencing the update..
  4. PLEASE NOTE - on some networked implementations of TRACCS it may be the case that the TRACCS application files as described above are installed on each individual workstation. Updates in this case require that the application files on each workstation are updated. Therefore it is better to do the update on only one workstation initially - to test that all functionality is complete and working - prior to updating the other workstations. This is not an issue if one copy of the application files are shared across the network in one form or another.


NB. It is imperative that all users are logged out of TRACCS. Preferably any workstations should be shut down to make sure this is the case - leaving only the machine you are doing the update on active.

  1. Go to the Downloads Page
  2. Download the release notes for the version you are updating to
  3. If you wish to proceed - Download the appropriate TRACCS update
  4. Locate the update file on your Hard Drive
  5. Execute the update file

Important/Significant changes have been made to updates and releases

The update file which was previously a self extracting exe file has been changed to be an installation MSI file - with the Filename TRACCS Update (version).MSI
update file
After copying the file - and running - it will display an installation screen
TRACCS Setup Wizard
Then a screen will display where the user can select the location to install the update
TRACCS update Setup

This should be the location where TRACCS is installed either on the workstation or the TRACCS Server

The download link on the web for the update now contains the date the update was loaded so sites can easily distinguish if this is the most recent update
  • Version number format remains the same - eg 18_04_31 (yy_mm_dd)
  • Each time a version is published - that version will be isolated and no more NEW development work will be added - however any reported errors or corrections will still be maintained
  • All new work enhancements/improvements will then be added to the next version which will be published separately to the web site - eg 18_05_31
  • A revision number has been included in the actual screens when TRACCS is opened to identify the revision within that version agencies are running - eg 18_04_31.008. This revision may be different from module to module depending on whether corrections or amendments have been made to a specific module but not others. For example if a correction has been made to Day Manage 2 - but not other modules - the revision number for Day Manager 2 will be different to the other modules - though the Version number remains the same